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Self-Serve Publisher Platform

We’ve developed a unique and easy-to-use, yet powerful Self-Serve Publisher Platform, so you can simplify your workflows.

Ad-Sys Ad-Server

With Ad-Sys Ad Server, your ads will appear at the appropriate channel, at the right time and reach the desired audiences.

Exclusive Ad Formats

Our creatives are designed with extra care, accommodating all your brand’s needs. We offer effective rich-media alternatives, which generate high results for your campaigns.

Slider Ad - Moves along with the page as the user scrolls down the site, and stops at the bottom right or left hand corner.

See Demo

Catfish Ad - Sits at the bottom of the viewer’s screen, blending in smoothly with the site's design.

See Demo

Layer Ad - A layer loads over the webpage content. The layer ad is not seen as a pop-up and, therefore, not blocked by browsers.

See Demo

1, 2, 3 Box - A script that pops an overlay window after the user hovers over the ad for 3 seconds.

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Auto-Optimization Technology

Run multiple campaigns and let our cutting-edge auto-optimization technology take care of everything else.

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