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Adorika is an innovative digital advertising company.
Using in-house products and platforms, we help hundreds of brands and agencies worldwide to operate web, mobile and online video campaigns while monitoring performance in real-time, displaying the newest ad formats across devices and screens and making sure the campaigns achieve the expected results.

We operate in 118 geos, specializing in various verticals, such as Business / Finance, Entertainment, Technology, E-Commerce, Travel and more. We serve 15 billion impressions per month to 5000 exclusive global publishers and 250+ advertisers, so you can be sure that you are seen and heard in all the right places. We ensure brand safety, transparency, access to premium media sources, best-in-class yield management, monetization, optimization and targeting capabilities across all advertising channels. We offer you flexible pricing models on all types of advertising campaigns.

We use cutting-edge technologies to ensure your campaign’s success and website's profitability:

  • State-of-the-art ad serving suite – Ad-Sys
  • Unique self-serve publisher platform
  • Enhanced automatic optimization methods
  • Exclusive ad and rich media formats from our own in-house creative studio

Our mission is to create a brand-new advertising world, where advertisers and publishers achieve outstanding results by getting the best in the industry. We believe that each advertiser can run a successful campaign, and each publisher can get maximum revenue.

We work with passion and an open mind, in an environment where one idea always brings the next. We have no boundaries to imagination and for us, innovation means an ongoing cycle of development. We define our goals and standards every day and believe that unique planning and design can make the impossible possible and turn every advertising challenge into a creative solution.

Customer Service

Thanks to our teams’ professionalism and dedication, we provide our customers with a complete service, to reach outstanding results through synergy between Media, Creative Design, Technology and Customer Strategy.

Our mantra is “Know Your Customer”.

With our dedicated account managers available 24/7, we understand that flexibility and availability are paramount to your success. From Russian to Portuguese and beyond, you can be confident that our team of multilingual staff will always assist you.

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