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Cross-Platform Revenue

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Traffic Monetization Capabilities

Thanks to our long list of quality, global advertisers, you can be sure that all your international traffic will be monetized and all markets will be reached. Build a specific monetization plan with the help of our monetization specialists. We offer you a 100% fill rate and yield management tools that let you balance selling your inventory at the highest rates and easily take care of all deals with your partners.

Brand Safety
  • Disqualify ads that don’t fit your campaign objectives
  • Get more control over the ads that are running on your domains
  • Use our technology to safeguard your websites from questionable ads

We work in accordance with the highest brand safety standards, developing reliability and trust across the advertising world.

Premium Inventory

Adorika Media gives you access to a wide variety of global demand sources. As a publisher, you’ll get full understanding of how different premium demand sources rate your inventory. The transparency of our inventory guarantees measurable results across all media acquisition deals. Partner directly with multiple advertisers and run quality ads in various formats, including layer ads, slider ads and more.


You will decide what you want to show on your site and when to show it. Compare and contrast individual advertisers across multiple media outlets. Manage all your data and make informative business insights using our real-time, custom-made reports.

Your success is our goal and we strive to bring you the best performing advertisers and highest CPM possible - all this while you remain in control.

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