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Cross-Platform Advertising

With Adorika Media you can be sure you are covered on all fronts of the advertising field.

Premium Inventory Sources

Expand your market activity and expose your product to the right audience by getting access to premium media sources and partnering with exclusive publishers. By combining our unique skills with high quality service, we will ensure you get the best converting media and highest ROI.

Advanced Technological Solutions

We provide you with a unique ad-serving platform, Ad-Sys, and other advanced media trading solutions, which let you access various sources of inventory; find dynamic ways to reach specific users; and simplify your reporting and ad operations. You won’t need to go anywhere else to achieve outstanding results and get professional service.

Campaign Optimization & Performance

Deliver powerful campaigns with our auto-optimization tools, which include effective algorithms, custom integration of targeting parameters and more. Using our detailed campaign statistics you’ll reach flawless campaign performance. You can choose the best pricing model for your advertising campaign - be it CPM, Dynamic CPM, CPL or CPA. We provide you with quality impressions and the required user attention with full transparency.

Professional Support

From talented in-house creative studio to multilingual, easily accessible account managers - all accompany you along the way, designing creatives according to your needs and answering all your questions during the operation of your campaign.

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